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Medical Equipment

Medical Equipment
Model: 3PBSM-10S
These single-use 3-Ply Surgical Face Masks are made up of two layers of non-woven fabric, with an additional layer added in the middle to filter >95% of bacteria, dust, smoke, and pollen (BFE 98-99% & PFE 95-96%). This product features a soft, odourless, and non-irritating design that allows for goo..
Brand: OEM Model: BAKJ1
Bactrojell is a ready-to-use clear liquid disinfectant jell that provides effective protection against germs and disease when rubbed on your hands by reducing vectors for pathogenic organisms, lowering the chances of acquiring infections. This product also helps eliminate the spread of harmful bacte..
Model: SAN25012
HanSanX Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizer provides effective protection against germs and disease by reducing microbes on hands or surfaces. This hand sanitizer is 70% alcohol-based and comes in convenient 250ml bottles, ensuring you can clean your hands even when you’re on-the-go. Apply to hands or surf..
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